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William B Rodgers

Born ca. 1834 in British West Indies
Died 06 Nov 1911 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mariner, 1860; Drives Furniture Car, 1870; Furniture Car Driver, 1880; Teamster, 1900; None, 1910

Married ca. 1860 in [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] to Mary Catharine Sockum
Daughter of Stephen Sockum and Elizabeth (-----)
Born ca. 1840 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died 20 Mar 1915 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

To them were born:

James E RodgersMca. 1861..
William H RodgersMca. 1867..
Joseph S RodgersMca. 1869..
John Franklin RodgersMca. 1874.Frances Ellen Street
Emma G RodgersFca. 1877..
Ernest B RodgersM May 1879..
Maria P RodgersF Jan 1882..
Peter Gustavus RodgersM10 Aug 188524 Sep 1961Alverta Durham



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